Help Keep The Music Going, If You Please

I’m/We’re so glad you like the music you’ve been hearing.

Help keep the music going with a donation of your choice:

I am a big fan of 6’s and 16’s. ($1.16, $6.16, $7.16, $16.76)

but feel free to donate whatever you’re comfortable with.

and if you can’t donate, (and I think this is MORE important) please share the songs, links, sites, videos on your facebook page, blog, website.

you can see everything at or or

And if the economy is beating up your wallet (trust me, I know how it feels), just sit back and enjoy the music – tell your friends, come to shows, watch the YouTube videos 100,000,000 times! (

and THANK YOU!!!

Questions? email Dann at DANNRUSSOMUSIC (at) AOL (dot) COM

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